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An Overview of the INV-001 Longevity Program


Healthier Aging,
Disease Mitigation,
Life Extension

Get to Know Us

Our staff, with years of industry experience in drug development, aim to become a leader in the field of aging and life extension. Bringing the prospect of disease mitigation to the world is our mission.

Our team is committed to making a positive impact in the global community. We believe that everyone and their animals have the right to age gracefully and live a healthy, fulfilling life.

Invictus Biopharm, Inc. specializes in new drug development supported by deep experience in all aspects of the field of pharmaceutical research

CEO and Founder Stephen Petti, BSN, BBA has over 25 years of executive level business and clinical experience, and has initiated and led multiple company-building successes in the area of pharmaceutical R&D

Our lead project is a unique healthier-aging/life-extension combination drug comprised of two pharmaceutical entities in a single formulation

Our Focus is on healthier aging and lifespan extending technologies with multiple other potential indications for use

Led by Alyssa Truelove, our Veterinary Research group is focused on improving animal aging and extending animal life expectancy

Invictus BioPharm. Inc.

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